Videos, webinars, and white papers

AF-CIX is powered by DE-CIX, and to get the most out of your connection, DE-CIX provides online and on-site trainings and white papers on peering, network interconnection, and related topics. 

The DE-CIX Academy has published videos and recorded webinars explaining topics like what an AS number is or how to get started with peering. 

In addition, DE-CIX offers white papers on peering and Blackholing, market spotlights, and market studies on the position of metro markets in the global telecommunications landscape. Below you can find a selection of the offered white papers. 

All available white papers can be found here.

How to start peering at DE-CIX - Guidelines

Learn how to start peering at DE-CIX: Get your access up and running, configure your route server peering, verify settings, set up direct peering (direct BGP sessions), monitor your traffic, etc.  
Download the guidelines.

10 useful tips on how to maximize the benefits of peering

Bernd Spiess, peering expert for many years, has developed 10 tips for peering; from optimizing routing data base entries to prefix aggregation. 
Download the 10 tips.

Remote-triggered Blackholing for network operators

To be prepared for a DDoS attack, you need to set up your infrastructure against them well before anything happens. Download our white paper to learn how. 

10 reasons why you should peer

From reduced cost to improved user experience, peering has many benefits for all sorts of businesses. Download our white paper to find out why you should peer.